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A World Aware, Inc.

AWA started simply by two people visiting South Africa and finding a need. Through the years many people have traveled to South Africa with AWA to help people and communities find hope. By structuring a network of partners and letting people define their own needs AWA teams are able to provide real solutions based on what people perceive their need to be.

AWA avoids reinventing wheels but tuning and repairing functions with our partners we see communities change, individuals become hopeful for their future, children thrive and become prepared to take life on in full confidence that they also will make a difference in their world and eternity.

Volunteers are the backbone of AWA. Our history has been built 100% by volunteers. People who care to look outside themselves and reach out to others.

Initially finding recruits from around the globe, and now developing a volunteer base in South Africa AWA continues to meet needs. Working with our partners we hope to continue to bring great things to communities while doing as Matthew 28:20 says, "teach people to do as you have learned".

Our directors are on three continents and carefully consider the activities so that AWA truly does things that will help many people.

A World Aware, Inc.