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It has been said that if you do nothing, nothing changes. Doing something does bring change.

Roberto Clemente said "If you see that you have opportunity to do something good for someone and you don't do it, your life is a waste of time"

AWA is committed to doing something. We not only want to do something but want that something to be good and helpful. By enlisting experts from around the globe we aim for a level of excellence in providing things that actually are helpful to those we serve. This means looking at the audience. This means caring about what "they" need, not what "we" think they need. This means being diligent to take into account not just the needs but how the presentation meets those needs. This means learning cultural significance and how it helps and hinders effort. This means AWA is and will continue to be a student about what we do and how we do it.

AWA designs projects based on the skills and talents of our volunteers. So anything that someone is capable of doing will fill needs. Our partners tell what they want, we look for individuals who will commit to the request. Thus we will try just about anything. So now you know you DO have something to offer!

Generally the projects fall into categories like this:


Creche Enhancement Project. (CEP) Teaching teacher how to teach children.
Children Are Special Project. (CASP) Typically structured like a VBS.
Youth Engaged in Service. (YES) Annual teen camp in the bush.
Drama Life.
Biblical Principles of Business. (BPOB) For high school and college age students.
Biblical Principles of Life (BPOL)  For junior high school age students.

Physical projects:
Creche Upliftment Project.(CUP) Facilities maintenance and repairs.
Tower Gardens. Feeding projects using minimal resources.
Educational Distribution Project. (EDP) Repurposing resources.
Christmas for Creches. Letting thousands of children know they are not forgotten at this time of year.
Building projects. Large scale projects including all the trades.

Ancillary Educational:
Awards program.  Separately funded educational help for college students.
Curriculum development. AWA develops and prints based on partners needs.
This encompasses topics like: 1. Early Childhood Development. 2. Health Issues. 3. Spiritual Growth. 4. Entrepreneurship. Note, our curriculum is developed with the help of indigenous people who understand the cultural significance of what is presented so the best message gets through. Then we ask our partners around the world to help us evaluate before publishing. Typically a childrens program will include five days of lessons, crafts, music, and physical activities.
Counseling, career and life for all ages.
Parental counseling, typcially for young mothers who will raise their child on their own.

AWA works in creches, schools, churches, farming communities, cities, villages. Our focus is to get adequate nutrition to creche level children, while providing a well rounded and healthy learning time that stimulates body, mind, and soul.

AWA also provides support services to our partners and groups traveling to and from South Africa. Sometimes people relocate to South Africa and need help getting settled. AWA is ready to help.

We are not limited by our ability because our ability changes with each new volunteer. Whatever someone wants to offer has usually been asked for by our partners. It is our privilege to bring willing servants together with our partners in need.

A World Aware, Inc.