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A World Aware, Inc., or AWA, is a 501 (c)(3) non profit charitable organization founded by Michael and Lois Calamia. AWA is also a registered non-profit organization in South Africa. We are growing in the international arena.

The primary objectives of AWA are to establish contact with indigenous people in areas of significant need, then after building these relationships, our analysis with them determines how best to help resolve the problems challenging these partners. After this teams are recruited of individuals and organizations who want to make a difference. Then solutions are implemented with our partners.

Our objectives are directed by these philosophies:
1. We do not give handouts, but rather meet people where their actual need is.
2.We do not duplicate effort that can already be accomplished by an individual or organization we partner with.
3. We work with autonomous and indigenous groups and individuals.
4. We design and implement projects that are ongoing and continuous.
5. We do not create dependencies on our teams or organization.

We are about creating sustainable efforts. We are about enabling local people to help in developing workable solutions to the critical areas of need. Typically this is to find ways to provide food, water, education, counseling, empowerment, encouragement. Our past projects include many type of activities that AWA uses to promote health, education, and well being, here and eternal.

All donations sent for project work are 100% delivered to the task. Our organizations costs are funded seperately by specific donations to help us with administration so all gifts to those in need are delivered without deduction.

AWA systematically follows all projects after implementation to ensure continuance and effectiveness of the operations. Our indigenous teams monitor the delivered resources and help in ongoing maintenance needs. This keeps things local but accountable.

We are staffed and operate by volunteers. Are you ready to help?  Come and join us in South Africa. See the application here.

A World Aware, Inc.